Make that home addition a reality!

Envisioning an additional bedroom or a cozy study? Imagining a first or second floor expansion? Cut Nail Builders will make your reverie a reality.

Remodeling – less the mess!

Itching to remodel your kitchen or bath but unable to fathom the inevitable whole-house mess? With Cut Nail Builders, home remodeling and restoration projects are respectfully contained – no subcontractors traipsing through your home required!

Finish that basement!

Dreaming of (but dreading) finishing that decrepit basement? Get in touch with Cut Nail Builders today: They’ll remove the angst and build-out the beautiful.

Cut Nail Builders, LLC: Home renovations, innovations, impressions and transformations in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado.

From concept to completion, Cut Nail Builders specializes in refashioning and restructuring your home’s spaces to reveal a fresh sense of style, ambiance and purpose.


Home additions. Remodeling and restoration projects. Basement

Cut Nail Owner, Josh Usery, originates custom interior designs instinctive of your personal style and functional aspirations.

Textures. Tones. Color palettes. Finishes. Shapes. Themes. Transitions.

Once you’ve made your selection, he and his CUT NAIL crew of visionary craftsmen will commence, replicating every detail as they build through all phases to the project’s completion.

Symmetry. Contrast. Scale. Composition. Scheme. Proportion. Balance. Harmony.

You’ll enjoy the neighborly atmosphere that Cut Nail brings into your home. You’ll love that the business is fully insured and provides a three-year warranty on all projects.

Fort Collins Home Improvement

Equally prominent in beauty, functionality and style, Cut Nail Builders Fort Collins home improvement and renovations feature a distinctive mix of modern functionality and classic artisan work. Cut Nail achieves a balance of comfort and ambiance through its use of welcoming textures, tones and color palettes; hand-crafted wooden features coupled with stone elements accent Cut Nail’s architecturally inspired projects.

Whether your renovation project is a home addition, remodel, restoration or a basement finishing, Josh promises it will receive the unparalleled Cut Nail touch, resplendent and on-budget. Josh ensures that your new rooms smoothly transition with the existing architecture of the home you already love.

That Cut Nail does all of your work in-house is an undeniable benefit in terms of both efficiency and cost. Cut Nail eradicates the nightmare of hiring multiple sub-contractors – one for design, another for structural work, one for flooring installation, another for carpentry – you get the picture. (Never mind the accompanying bidding wars and attempts to simultaneously measure the aptitude of each!) As such, the risk to the homeowner is greatly reduced, along with the probability for error, scheduling delays, miscommunication and conflict.

With Josh as your sole project manager and point of contact, you have complete access to open communications on a day-to-day basis. Operations are smooth and well organized; all design fundamentals and intricacies are followed through with clarity because Cut Nail builds from its own designs. Cut Nail also provides the added value of being engineering inclusive from the onset of the Fort Collins home improvement project to its conclusion.

Of course, Josh has an established reputation in Northern Colorado for his innovative knack for reinvigorating tired kitchens and bathrooms, as well as for his originality and flair with home additions, home improvement and basement finishing. However, if less conspicuously, he also has this unique aptitude for imaginatively (if not ingeniously) reinventing and re-purposing virtually any living area.

From a Cut Nail Builders perspective, a domicile once pondered lends itself to endless transformation possibilities.

Design concepts.

There are no blanks to be drawn when it comes to designing your space with Cut Nail; owner/designer/builder guru, Josh Usery, is your on-site expert.

Josh is an artistic interior designer. Each custom design he creates is concept-based: every detail – every feature, fixture, fitting and finish – is fluid and complementary to the unified composition of the whole. This comprehensive approach to style emanates an essence of totality, balance and rhythm, particularly when coupled with his preference for earthy elements, such as stone and wood, textures, tones and color palettes.

Josh derives his inspiration for your new space aspirations from his astounding capacity for insight into your cues. His first item of due diligence with your project will be to meet with you on a discovery expedition. You will discuss your mission for this space – the most desirable functional purposes, aesthetic aspects and all other specifications as they relate to creating your “dream” space.

Josh will then return, 3D-AutoCAD system in hand, to present you with several fully detailed professional design options originated from electronic replicas of your actual space. His innovative mockups capture the various design aspects and elemental options from a variety of perspectives and possibilities. (This will likely be the first of many “blow my mind” moments to come as your new space is transformed.)

These simulations will further emphasize Josh’s commitment to grounded design concepts. As it is essential that all pieces of your new space be cohesive with one another, don’t be surprised when Josh takes you shopping! His doing this is just one more indication of his deep commitment to you – his innate desire to merge your tastes with the project’s design while ensuring that your final result has not a single detail overlooked.

Along the same lines of this approach, Josh ensures that the newly defined space – be it a one-room renovation, a basement finishing or an entire addition – blends with the rest of your Fort Collins home. improvement After all, consistent detailing extends beyond the room if it is to truly feel like home.

Cut Nail: Your Master Builder.

Josh has structured Cut Nail on the basis of the Master Builder Model, which unifies the typically separate roles of interior designer (or architect) and builder (or construction company). Josh views these as two continuum’s of one process and, as such, Cut Nail fulfills all phases of your project while wearing the same hat.

Adhering to the Master Builder methodology, Josh incorporates the structural components into the planning function, enabling him to provide a truly up-front cost scenario for his designs. This approach is very conducive to budget adherence and management; Josh is able to design beautiful, well-constructed spaces that simultaneously accommodate designated budgets without aesthetic loss.

This is the difference between being a Master Builder and design-build firms. With the latter, the overall goal is speed; they begin construction and design as they go, inevitably leading to massive overages (an average of 30% over budget, according to the National Home Buyer’s Alliance (NHBA), as a result of poor planning, wasted time, errors and on-the-fly changes.

From a development standpoint, the Master Builder model allows Josh to maintain full managerial control of all elements of the entire project – from concept to completion; from the big picture through to the most minute of details. As such, Cut Nail completes nearly all work in-house, dramatically reducing the need for multiple sub-contractors, all while further granting Josh the ability to maintain his next-to-perfect quality levels in all of his Fort Collins home improvement projects.

From the client’s position, the Cut Nail process is seamless. The potential of frustration that would otherwise be caused by miscommunication between “the usual suspects” – the designer, the separate builder and all subcontractors in between – is eliminated. With Josh and Cut Nail, all responsibility and accountability is held under one roof. As he firmly states, “The buck stops here.”

Pricing with transparency.

Speaking of budgets and accountability, Josh definitely has a different – much preferred – way of handling project finances. Because Cut Nail builds out its own designs, honest, accurate and transparent pricing is, to Josh, simply an obvious fundamental to doing business with integrity.

He obviously initially budgets for outcomes, doing so from the onset with the designs her presents to you. Surely, you’ve heard the phrase “upfront pricing”, but have you ever had a contractor present you with your bill inclusive of all receipts?! There is no room for question because Josh actually provides his clients with the receipts for every one of his costs for materials, time and labor, even detailing his small profit-margin. It’s true!

Fort Collins home improvement services from Cut Nail Builders are offered to all the Northern Colorado towns of Fort Collins, Eaton, Severance, Wellington, Timnath, Windsor and Loveland and surrounding areas.


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